Our Products include:

Local Honey, Raw Milk, Free range chicken eggs, and seasonal products such as our fresh vegetable garden which provides free pickins' for milk customers in the fall. For more information please visit the links below:

We are Beekeepers and sell Raw Honey: Orange Blossom and Local Honey:  $7.00 for one pound;  $15.00 for three pounds; $28.00 for six pounds; $50.00 for 12 pounds.;id=1;

We are Chicken Farmers and sell free range chicken eggs: $4.00 per dozen; $6.00 per 18 count. Eggs are typically sold the same day they are laid. NOTE: supplies are limited and sell out quickly. We have over 600 chickens.

Disclaimer: the law requires that raw unprocessed eggs be labled FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

We are Dairy Farmers and provide Raw Milk

$8.00 per gallon (see coupon below). Here at the farm we adhere to strict sanitary conditions and rigorously test our cows for healthiness including regular Bruscillosis and Tuberculosis testing and that of testing each cow's milk (in her cycle) for traces of antibiotics and mastitis. Our milk lasts for about 12 days with proper cooling. The milk you buy will not be over one day old. We have six dairy cows that are Jersey and Jersey cross.

DISCLAIMER: despite our being in business for over 35 years, the law requires that the sale of our raw, unpasteurized & unhomogenized milk be labeled FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

                                                             Our Services include:

Welding, Metal working, Knife Sharpening. For more information please visit the links below: